fear of bioterrorism and implications for public health preparedness.after the human anthrax cases and exposures in 2001, the illinois department of public health received an increasing number of environmental and human samples (1,496 environmental submissions, all negative for bacillus anthracis). these data demonstrate increased volume of submissions to a public health laboratory resulting from fear of bioterrorism.200312702237
ecology of anthrax. 19714996306
a three year field study of preconditioning native illinois beef calves sold through a cooperative marketing association--1969 to 1971.during the fall of 1969, 1970 and 1971, central illinois practitioners preconditioned (pc) 1,576 beef calves at a cost range of $3.02 to $4.72. the pc program included weaning calves 30 days before sale, having calves eating grain from a bunk and drinking from a tank, vaccinated against blackleg, malignant edema, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (ibr) and bovine parainfluenza virus (pi3). calves were tagged in the right ear with the green certified preconditioned for health (cph) tag of the ame ...19734270429
orf virus infection in humans--new york, illinois, california, and tennessee, 2004-2005.orf virus is a zoonotic parapoxvirus endemic to most countries in the world and is principally associated with small ruminants (e.g., sheep and goats). human orf infections appear as ulcerative skin lesions after contact with an infected animal or contaminated fomite. this report summarizes the epidemiologic and laboratory investigations of four sporadic cases of human orf infection, emphasizing the temporal association between human lesions and skin trauma or recent flock vaccination with live ...200616437055
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