a field investigation of bacillus anthracis contamination of u.s. department of agriculture and other washington, d.c., buildings during the anthrax attack of october response to a bioterrorism attack in the washington, d.c., area in october 2001, a mobile laboratory (ml) was set up in the city to conduct rapid molecular tests on environmental samples for the presence of bacillus anthracis spores and to route samples for further culture analysis. the ml contained class i laminar-flow hoods, a portable autoclave, two portable real-time pcr devices (ruggedized advanced pathogen identification device [rapid]), and miscellaneous supplies and equipment to proce ...200312514046
terrorism preparedness in state health departments--united states, 2001-2003.the anthrax attacks in fall 2001 highlighted the role of infectious disease (id) epidemiologists in terrorism preparedness and response. beginning in 2002, state health departments (shds) received approximately 1 billion dollars in new federal funding to prepare for and respond to terrorism, infectious disease outbreaks, and other public health threats and emergencies. this funding is being used in part to improve epidemiologic and surveillance capabilities. to determine how states have used a p ...200314586300
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