ecology of anthrax. 19714996306
oklahoma city and tulsa metropolitan medical response system.the tragic loss of lives on september 11 followed by the anthrax contaminations reinforced the need for work already underway through the metropolitan medical response system (mmrs). through leadership from the medical director for the medical control board and emsa, oklahoma city and tulsa have been the beneficiaries of nearly $1.5 million dollars in funding to prepare for nuclear, chemical or bioterrorism. the two oklahoma cities were among the second wave of cities invited in 1999 to particip ...200211957849
leading during times of trouble: a roundtable discussion of recent terror events. 200315040184
forensic dentistry in a terrorist world.while body identification by dental means has not changed substantially since 9/11, or even since the bombing of the murrah federal building in oklahoma city in 1995, the conditions and potential risks of a bioterrorism action to the dental personnel is new. the purpose of this article is to review general forensic dentistry disaster responses and to address the impact a bioterrorism action might have on primary, secondary and tertiary dental responders. it will also examine the triage role that ...200516013679
chemical or biological terrorist attacks: an analysis of the preparedness of hospitals for managing victims affected by chemical or biological weapons of mass destruction.the possibility of a terrorist attack employing the use of chemical or biological weapons of mass destruction (wmd) on american soil is no longer an empty threat, it has become a reality. a wmd is defined as any weapon with the capacity to inflict death and destruction on such a massive scale that its very presence in the hands of hostile forces is a grievous threat. events of the past few years including the bombing of the world trade center in 1993, the murrah federal building in oklahoma city ...200616823078
animal research. rejection of anthrax study kicks up a dust storm in oklahoma. 200920007868
a slippery slope. 200920010640
primate study halted by us university. 200920010657
select human anthrax protective antigen epitope-specific antibodies provide protection from lethal toxin challenge.bacillus anthracis remains a serious bioterrorism concern, and the currently licensed vaccine remains an incomplete solution for population protection from inhalation anthrax and has been associated with concerns regarding efficacy and safety. thus, understanding how to generate long-lasting protective immunity with reduced immunizations or provide protection through postexposure immunotherapeutics are long-sought goals. through evaluation of a large military cohort, we characterized the levels ...201020533877
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