severe anthrax outbreaks in italy in 2004: considerations on factors involved in the spread of infection.anthrax is a disease of humans and animals caused by the encapsulated, spore-forming bacillus anthracis. in italy, anthrax is normally a sporadic disease. during the summer 2004, anthrax broke out in the basilicata, in southern italy, a region with a low prevalence of anthrax in which vaccination had been suspended since 1998. the disease involved several animals in few weeks and in a large area. over 41 days, 81 cattle died, as well as 15 sheep, 9 goats, 11 horses and 8 deer. the multiple-locus ...201020402418
snr analysis: molecular investigation of an anthrax italy, anthrax is endemic but occurs sporadically. during the summer of 2004, in the pollino national park, basilicata, southern italy, an anthrax epidemic consisting of 41 outbreaks occurred; it claimed the lives of 124 animals belonging to different mammal species. this study is a retrospective molecular epidemiological investigation carried out on 53 isolates collected during the epidemic. a 25-loci multiple locus vntr analysis (mlva) mlva was initially performed to define genetic relation ...201020187980
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