[first research work by robert koch on etiology of anthrax-in cooperation with józef knechtel, polish apothecary].terroristic attack on united states of america 11 september 2001 and just after many cases of anthrax spores employment as biological warfare called our attention to robert koch. he determined anthrax etiology and enclosed it in his first research work: die aetiologie der milzbrand-kranheit begrundet auf die entwicklungsgeschichte des bacillus anthracis. the results of this research are widely described. in the scientific researches participated j. knechtel, pole, pharmacist, pharmacy owner in w ...200314565192
[the discovery of the tubercle bacillus by robert koch: a milestone for 123 years].the discovery of the tubercle bacillus and its causal relationship to tuberculosis by the general practitioner robert koch (1843-1910) in 1882 was truly a revolutionary discovery by a pioneer. this discovery was very well-documented, making use of optical equipment that had just appeared on the market, and was accomplished in his own home without outside support. in spite of the publication of the discovery in a german medical periodical with only local circulation, the entire scientific world q ...200516402521
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