anthrax in england and wales. 1979514969
anthrax in england and wales 1963-1972.the records of confirmed anthrax diagnoses held by the bacteriology department of the central veterinary laboratory, weybridge, for the years 1963 to 1972 inclusive, were analysed. during this decade, 86 per cent of the 2944 deaths recorded were in cattle and 11 per cent in pigs, correlating significantly with the cattle and pig populations in england and wales during this period. also, the country could be separated into high and low prevalence counties for cattle anthrax. norfolk and somerset ...19751179615
letter: an anthrax outbreak. 19751198877
serology and anthrax in humans, livestock and etosha national park wildlife.results are presented from a number of epidemiological studies using enzyme immunoassays (eia) based on the purified anthrax toxin antigens, protective antigen, lethal factor and oedema factor. studies on sera from a group of 62 human anthrax patients in turkey and from cattle in britain following two unrelated outbreaks of anthrax show that eia using protective antigen can be a useful diagnostic aid and will detect subclinical infections in appropriate circumstances. a serological survey on wil ...19921582472
anthrax outbreak. 19892800274
an anthrax outbreak in berkshire. 19744207208
pulmonary anthrax caused by contaminated sacks. 19684966788
anthrax. william smith greenfield, m.d., f.r.c.p., professor superintendent, the brown animal sanatory institution (1878-81). concerning the priority due to him for the production of the first vaccine against anthrax.the purpose of this paper is to draw attention to the fact that w. s. greenfield, working at the brown animal sanatory institution in london, prepared an effective vaccine against anthrax and described his results some months before the experiment of pasteur at pouilly-le-fort. partly through lack of financial support and partly due to opposition by the antivivisectionists, greenfield was forced to confine his experiments to a small number of animals, but his results were nevertheless conclusive ...19807007487
a case of anthrax septicaemia in a london teaching hospital. 19957550591
grease, anthraxgate, and kennel cough: a revisionist history of early veterinary conclusion, it is remarkable just how farsighted many of the early vaccine investigators were. jenner was apparently very comfortable with contagion and even recognized that infectious agents could gradually change and adapt to a new species. pasteur, long before his fowl cholera experiment, dreamed that attenuation could yield safe vaccines and it took him no time at all therefore to recognize the significance of that serendipitous experiment. the fact that two other investigators were also ...19999890006
investigations and control measures following a case of inhalation anthrax in east london in a drum maker and drummer, october 2008.the patient is believed to have acquired the infection from making animal hide drums. environmental investigations identified one drum and two pieces of animal skins contaminated with anthrax spores.200819094916
the brown animal sanatory institution. 1979372441
being alert to anthrax.nurses need to be aware that heroin contaminated with anthrax is in circulation.201020373622
anthrax in transit; practical experience and intellectual exchange.focusing on three anglo-american outbreaks of industrial anthrax, this essay engages the question of how local circumstances influenced the transmission of scientific knowledge in the late nineteenth century. walpole (massachusetts), glasgow, and bradford (yorkshire) served as important nodes of transnational investigation into anthrax. knowledge about the morphology and behavior of bacillus anthracis changed little while in transit between these nodes, even during complex debates about the natu ...200818959192
human and animal health: strengthening the link: politics and economics inhibited control of anthrax last century. 200516339257
the dissemination of anthrax from imported wool: kidderminster 1900-14.a century ago anthrax was a continuing health risk in the town of kidderminster. the distribution of cases in people and in animals provides an indication of the routes by which spores were disseminated. the response to these cases provides an insight into attitudes to an occupational and environmental risk at the time and can be compared with responses in more recent times.200414739375
one hundred years of anthrax. 200414739373
science education: put your lab in a different class. 200212422180
anthrax and the wool trade. 1902. 200211988441
the public science of louis pasteur: the experiment on anthrax vaccine in the popular press of the time.the paper focuses on pasteur's public experimentation of the anthrax vaccine (pouilly-le-fort, 1881) as portrayed in the english and french popular press of the time. it is argued that this 'popular' level of representation did not merely provide additional publicity for pasteur's ideas. rather, the nature and meaning of the experiment itself and of the related controversy on immunisation were substantially negotiated and shaped within the public arena. the multifold consequences of this framing ...19979646725
the plague in penrith, cumbria, 1597/8: its causes, biology and consequences.using a family reconstitution study the biology of the plague in penrith, cumbria in 1597/8 is described in detail; it was an explosive epidemic that spread rapidly within families and 606 individuals died of the plague, some 40% of the population. the age-specific mortality corresponded with the calculated age structure of the population and infection appeared to be random. the sex ratio of victims was 1.37 females to 1 male. the plague spread from the northeast via richmond and then exploded i ...19968815782
woolsorters' disease in england. 1978361121
narrating the unexceptional: the art of medical inquiry in victorian england and the present. 200312795084
anthrax surveillance 1961-80. 19826799106
the history of woolsorters' disease: a yorkshire beginning with an international future?woolsorters' disease was a feared industrial disease associated primarily with yorkshire's textile industry of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. early occupational health methods were attempted locally before concerted national efforts produced legislative measures. when its link with anthrax was established, attention in prevention focused upon chemical disinfection methods. together, these factors were instrumental in decreasing the incidence of woolsorters' disease. however, by th ...200415486181
preparing for disaster: response matrices in the usa and uk.disasters, whether man-made or naturally occurring, require complex responses across multiple government agencies and private sector elements, including the media. these factors mandate that, for effective disaster management and because of the unpredictability of such events, response structures must be in place in advance, ready to be activated on short notice, with lines of responsibility clearly delineated and mechanisms for coordination of efforts already established. disaster response expe ...200818756376
anthrax and the etiology of the english sweating 2001, spores of bacillus anthracis were deliberately sent through the united states postal system, resulting in five deaths from inhalational anthrax. rarely observed clinical symptoms associated with these cases led to a hypothesis about the etiology of the english sweating sickness. the disease appeared sporadically in england between 1485 and 1551. numerous viruses have been proposed as possible causes of the "english sweat". anthrax has not previously been considered because, documented c ...200414729023
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