aum shinrikyo and the japanese law on bioterrorism.before the sarin incidents in tokyo and matsumoto, the aum shinrikyo (now aleph) had tried to conduct bioterrorism with botulinum toxin and bacillus anthracis. followers of the aum could not overcome technical difficulties inherent in developing biological weapons, and the perpetrators had not been prosecuted for their failed attempts of bioterrorism. but the aum's biological attack revealed several shortcomings in the japanese law that regulated biological weapons. since the missile experiment ...200315141855
[natural biological risks and military biological risks].the iraqi biological program, the activities of sect aum in japan and the extensive endemicity of plague prove the existence of military, terrorist and natural biological risks. among the agents of natural risk (viruses, bacteria.), plague is induced by modification of the ecosystem. present since 1921 in the high plateau of madagaskar, the disease evolves under two modes, endemic (natural) or epidemic (urban). since the control of endemicity is impossible, the decrease of incidence will be obta ...200010669810
bacillus anthracis incident, kameido, tokyo, 1993. 200415112666
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