occurrence of anthrax in kars district, turkey.the aims of the study were to determine the prevalence of anthrax by bacteriologic methods in cattle and sheep between january 2000 and september 2001 and to determine the distribution of this zoonotic disease in humans in kars district, turkey. bacillus anthracis was isolated and identified in 34 out of 38 (91%) cattle and 11 out of 17 (64%) sheep samples obtained from organs suspected of anthrax. the records of the governmental health branch showed that 89 cases of cutaneous anthrax were diagn ...200212061231
the effect of prolonged storage on the virulence of isolates of bacillus anthracis obtained from environmental and animal sources in the kars region of turkey.the stability of the plasmid-mediated virulence factors of bacillus anthracis, a tripartite toxin located on pxo1 and an antiphagocytic capsule encoded by genes located on pxo2, following long-term storage was investigated. a collection of 159 isolates of b. anthracis were collected from the kars region of turkey between 2000 and 2013 and stored at -20°c in brucella broth supplemented with 20% glycerine. a total of 142 isolates were recovered of which one failed to express a capsule upon primary ...201526109359
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