detection of antibodies to tick salivary antigens among patients from a region of spain.with a view to determine which tick species bite humans most frequently in the province of soria (spain) and to know whether these species act as vectors of rickettsia conorii and/or borrelia burgdorferi, we analysed the presence of antibodies against salivary proteins of several tick species and of antibodies against r. conorii and b. burgdorferi sensu lato in 102 samples of serum. the sera were collected from 63 patients who were treated for tick bites at the health services of the soria healt ...200415012027
spotted fever group rickettsiae in ticks feeding on humans in northwestern spain: is rickettsia conorii vanishing?during a 7-year study, we identified and analyzed by pcr 4,049 ticks removed from 3,685 asymptomatic patients in castilla y león (northwestern spain). a total of 320 ticks (belonging to 10 species) were pcr-positive for rickettsiae. comparison of amplicon sequences in databases enabled us to identify eight different spotted fever group (sfg) rickettsiae: rickettsia slovaca, rickettsia sp. irs3/irs4, r. massiliae/bar29, r. aeschlimannii, rickettsia sp. rpa4/dns14, r. helvetica, rickettsia sp. dms ...200617114733
rickettsia massiliae in ticks removed from humans in castilla y león, spain. 200617061097
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