first isolation and identification of rickettsia conorii from ticks collected in the region of fokida in central greece.three different spotted-fever group rickettsiae-rickettsia conorii, r. massiliae, and r. rhipicephali-were detected and identified by pcr-restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis in rhipicephalus ticks collected from domestic animals in the fokida region of greece, where a high seroprevalence of antibodies to r. conorii was previously demonstrated. the infection rate of ticks was 1.6%. moreover, r. conorii was isolated from one rhipicephalus sanguineus tick.200312843081
isolation and identification of a rickettsial strain related to rickettsia massiliae in greek ticks were collected in a rural area of central greece in order to isolate and identify rickettsiae. a hemolymph test using gimenez staining was used for detection, while simultaneous isolation was performed using the shell-vial technique. serologic, antigenic, and genomic characterization of the isolates was achieved by microimmunofluorescence, sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (sds-page) and western blotting, the polymerase chain reaction and restriction fragment ...19947908503
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