intestinal capillariasis in egypt: a case report.capillaria philippinensis eggs, larvae, and adults were identified in the stool of a 41-year-old female physician from cairo, egypt, who had never traveled abroad. she had eaten local and imported fish. she suffered from borborygmi, abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of weight for greater than 3 months. treatment with flubendazole (r17889-janssen) 200 mg twice daily for 30 days resulted in clinical and parasitological cure.19892919727
parasitological aspects of capillaria philippinensis recovered from egyptian new cases of intestinal capillariasis were detected in kasr el-aini university hospitals, cairo, during the period from july 1997 to june 1998. a parasitological study concerning the morphological features of capillaria philippinensis recovered from the stool of egyptian cases was carried out. eggs were separated, cultured and used to infect oreochromis nilotica niloticus, a famous popularly consumed type of fresh water fish in egypt in a trial for identification of the fish intermediate h ...199912561893
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