cryptosporidiosis in a black bear in virginia.cryptosporidiosis has not been previously reported in black bears in north america, either free-roaming or captive. however, oocysts have been documented in two captive malayan sun bears (helarctos malayanus) located in zoological parks in taiwan. developmental stages of cryptosporidium parvum were observed in tissue sections from the small intestine of a black bear cub found dead in virginia (usa).199910231767
prevalence of cryptosporidium species and genotypes in mature dairy cattle on farms in eastern united states compared with younger cattle from the same locations.feces collected from 541 milking cows on two dairy farms each in vermont, new york, pennsylvania, maryland, virginia, north carolina, and florida were examined for the presence of cryptosporidium oocysts. oocysts were concentrated from 15 g of feces from each cow and dna was extracted. a two-step nested pcr protocol was used to amplify an 830 base pair fragment of the ssurrna gene. pcr-positive products were purified and sequenced. pcr-positive findings were obtained from cows in all seven state ...200717287086
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