neutralization-sensitive epitopes are conserved among geographically diverse isolates of cryptosporidium parvum.isolates of cryptosporidium parvum from new york, florida, brazil, mexico, and peru were examined for the presence of two sporozoite surface epitopes originally identified in an iowa isolate by neutralizing monoclonal antibodies (mabs) 18.44 and 17.41. immunofluorescence microscopy and immunoblotting demonstrated the presence of both epitopes on all isolates. incubation of deae-cellulose-purified sporozoites of the new york, florida, brazil, and mexico isolates with mab 18.44 or 17.41 significan ...19921372299
virulence of three distinct cryptosporidium parvum isolates for healthy adults.the infectivity of three cryptosporidium parvum isolates (iowa [calf], ucp [calf], and tamu [horse]) of the c genotype was investigated in healthy adults. after exposure, volunteers recorded the number and form of stools passed and symptoms experienced. oocyst excretion was assessed by immunofluorescence. the id50 differed among isolates: iowa, 87 (se, 19; 95% confidence interval [ci], 48.67-126); ucp, 1042 (se, 1000; 95% ci, 0-3004); and tamu, 9 oocysts (se, 2.34; 95% ci, 4.46-13.65); tamu vers ...199910479158
inactivation of cryptosporidium parvum under chlorinated recreational water conditions.cryptosporidium is a chlorine-resistant protozoan parasite and the etiological agent in many disinfected recreational water outbreaks. while previous studies have reported disinfection ct values for cryptosporidium parvum using sodium hypochlorite, these studies have employed conditions and procedures which are not ideal for establishing public health remediation recommendations for chlorinated recreational water venues. in the present study, free chlorine ct values were measured at ph 7.5 using ...200818401116
fulminant cryptosporidiosis associated with digestive adenocarcinoma in scid mice infected with cryptosporidium parvum tum1 strain.we recently demonstrated that cryptosporidium parvum iowa strain induces in situ ileo-caecal adenocarcinoma in an animal model. herein, the ability of another c. parvum strain to induce digestive neoplasia in dexamethasone-treated scid mice was explored. scid mice infected with c. parvum tum1 strain developed a fulminant cryptosporidiosis associated with intramucosal adenocarcinoma, which is considered an early histological sign of invasive cancer. both evidence of a role of c. parvum in adenoca ...201020708621
genomic variation in iba10g2 and other patient-derived cryptosporidium hominis order to improve genotyping and epidemiological analysis of cryptosporidium spp., genomic data need to be generated directly from a broad range of clinical specimens. utilizing a robust method that we developed for the purification and generation of amplified target dna, we present its application for the successful isolation and whole-genome sequencing of 14 different cryptosporidium hominis patient specimens. six isolates of subtype iba10g2 were analyzed together with a single representativ ...201728003424
identification of isolate-specific sporozoite proteins of cryptosporidium parvum by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis.five isolates of cryptosporidium parvum collected from human, horse, and calf sources were compared for differences in sporozoite protein patterns by using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. silver-stained two-dimensional gels contained over 300 protein spots from detergent-solubilized sporozoites. a distinguishing 106-kilodalton peptide that shifted in isoelectric point was detected in four of the five isolates. computerized two-dimensional gel analysis was performed to obtain objective quant ...19902365452
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