[giardiasis and cryptosporidiosis in day-care centers in the municipality campinas sp].the prevalence of the giardia duodenalis and cryptosporidium parvum infections were studied in children 2-60 months old (n = 310) grouped to sex and age, enrolled in 8 day-care centers. giardiasis was found in 42 (13.5%) of the children and, was most frequent in the age group corresponding to 19-24 months old although children at the first six months of life also presented positive faecal samples. statistical analysis indicated no association between sex (p > 0.05) and prevalence for giardia inf ...19969011885
[an evaluation of the relationship between intestinal parasitoses and the risk factors for hiv in aids patients].we conducted a cohort survey on 200 aids patients in são paulo, sp, brazil, to verify if the presence of enteroparasites is associated with the various risk factors for hiv infection. diarrhea was significantly more frequent in the group of patients presenting enteroparasitosis (p < 0.00001). giardia lamblia, found in 32 (16%) cases, was the most prevalent parasite. the presence of parasites in the stool samples was not significantly associated with risk factors for hiv infection, mainly when co ...199910228369
occurrence of cryptosporidium oocysts and giardia cysts in raw water from the atibaia river, campinas, brazil.cryptosporidium parvum and giardia duodenalis are waterborne parasites that have caused several outbreaks of gastrointestinal disease associated with drinking water. due to the lack of studies about the occurrence of these protozoa in water in the southeast of brazil, an investigation was conducted to verify the presence of cysts and oocysts in superficial raw water of the atibaia river. the water samples were submitted to membrane filtration (3.0 microm) and elution was processed by (1) scrapin ...200111340486
giardia and cryptosporidium in source waters of são paulo state, brazil.giardia lamblia and cryptosporidium parvum are two protozoan intestinal parasites responsible for many drinking-water-related disease outbreaks in recent years. they are very resistant to conventional water treatment processes, can persist for long times in the environment and are, therefore, of great concern for public health. this work aimed to evaluate the presence of giardia and cryptosporidium in water sources from são paulo state, brazil, as part of the "evaluation of inland waters from sã ...200415318516
[prevalence of cryptosporidium sp. in institutionalized dogs in the city of são paulo, brazil].dogs play an important role as infection source of human cryptosporidiosis. the objective of the study was to determine the prevalence of cryptosporidium sp. in dogs as well as to compare two techniques of fecal analysis.200616410992
multilocus genotyping of cryptosporidium hominis associated with diarrhea outbreak in a day care unit in são paulo.a number of species of cryptosporidium are associated with diarrhea worldwide. little data exists regarding the genotypes and species of cryptosporidium associated with cases of infections in brazil.200616680328
bacterial, yeast, parasitic, and viral enteropathogens in hiv-infected children from são paulo state, southeastern brazil.we present here the frequency of enteropathogens in an hiv-infected children group and investigate their correlation with clinical and sociodemographic characteristics by collecting 100 stool samples from 55 hiv-seropositive brazilian children. all specimens were processed according to standard methods for bacterial and yeast detection. a commercially available enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay was used to detect protozoan, and to perform virus detection, molecular tests were applied. consumptio ...200717178297
natural infection with zoonotic subtype of cryptosporidium parvum in capybara (hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) from brazil.a total of 145 capybara (hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) fecal samples from the state of são paulo, brazil, were screened for cryptosporidium spp. oocysts using the malachite green method. eight samples (5.52%) showed positive results and were further submitted to nested pcr reaction for amplification of fragments of 18s rrna gene and 60-kda glycoprotein gene for determination of species, alleles and subtypes of cryptosporidium. sequencing of the pcr products of the 18s rrna gene fragments and 60-kda ...200717467175
molecular identification of cryptosporidium spp. from fecal samples of felines, canines and bovines in the state of são paulo, brazil.the objective of this study was to obtain information of epidemiological nature through genotypic characterization of cryptosporidium isolates from dogs, cats and bovines from the state of são paulo, brazil. the extraction of dna from oocysts was carried out and polymerase chain reaction was accomplished using specific primers to 18s rrna gene. the amplicons were directed sequenced. seven cat samples, nine dog samples and nine bovine samples were analysed. from the seven cat samples the genotypi ...200717996373
genotypic identification of cryptosporidium spp. isolated from hiv-infected patients and immunocompetent children of são paulo, brazil.cryptosporidium isolates identified in fourteen stool samples, collected from five hiv-infected patients and nine immunocompetent children, living in the state of são paulo, brazil, were submitted to a molecular analysis using a nested pcr followed of restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp), for genetic characterization. the analysis was based on digestion with rsai restriction enzyme of a dna fragment amplified from the cryptosporidium oocyst wall protein (cowp) gene. based on this anal ...200818516466
enteric parasites in hiv-1/aids-infected patients from a northwestern são paulo reference unit in the highly active antiretroviral therapy era.we describe the epidemiology of intestinal parasites in patients from an aids reference service in northeastern são paulo, brazil.201122094707
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