[regionally increased incidence of notified cryptosporidiosis cases due to different laboratory methods].in lower saxony, during 2001 to 2005, 744 cases of cryptosporidiosis were reported according to the protection against infection act to the governmental institute of public health of lower saxony. the yearly incidence rate of 1.9 notified cases per 100,000 population exceeded the german mean incidence rate of 1.5. within lower saxony, there was a striking heterogeneity of regional incidences with rates greater than 10.0 in several neighbouring districts.200717926266
constructed wetlands--are they safe in reducing protozoan parasites?constructed wetlands have been promoted in recent literature for use in rural communities in developed as well as in developing countries as an appropriate technology to be handled with low operational maintenance costs. within a joint project supported by bmbf (project no o2wa0107 and no 02wa0108) research was done concerning the sanitation effect of constructed wetlands on wastewater effluents. this article will focus on the detection and the removal of cysts of cryptosporidium parvum and giar ...201020045664
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