cryptosporidium parvum in children with diarrhea in mulago hospital, kampala, uganda.a cross-sectional case-control study (ratio = 3:1) was conducted over a 15-month period to determine the prevalence and consequences of cryptosporidiosis in hospitalized diarrheic children (0-5 years old) at mulago hospital in kampala, uganda. cryptosporidium parvum was detected and genotyped among 2,446 children of whom 1,779 (72.7%) had diarrhea, and 667 (27.3%) were age- and sex-matched controls. of the 1,779 children with diarrhea, 532 (29.9%) had persistent (> 14 days) diarrhea and 1,247 (7 ...200312887032
quantitative microbial risk assessment to estimate health risks attributable to water supply: can the technique be applied in developing countries with limited data?in the 3rd edition of its guidelines for drinking-water quality (2004) (gdwq) the world health organization (who) promotes the use of risk assessment coupled with risk management for the control of water safety in drinking water supplies. quantitative microbial risk assessment (qmra) provides a tool for estimating the disease-burden from pathogenic microorganisms in water using information about the distribution and occurrence of the pathogen or an appropriate surrogate. this information may the ...200616604838
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