the real-life effectiveness of palivizumab for reducing hospital admissions for respiratory syncytial virus in infants residing in nunavut.background‚ĀĄ201424367792
nunavut government assailed over outbreak. 201121422122
the cost effectiveness of palivizumab in term inuit infants in the eastern canadian arctic.canadian, inuit, full term infants have the highest rate of respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) infection globally, which results in substantial costs associated hospitalisation.200919900071
comparison of the cost of hospitalization for respiratory syncytial virus disease versus palivizumab prophylaxis in canadian inuit infants.the objectives were to compare actual respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) hospitalization rates and costs in a cohort of inuit infants to hypothetical palivizumab prophylaxis strategies for infants of all gestational ages in the eastern canadian arctic.200919461555
risk factors and viruses associated with hospitalization due to lower respiratory tract infections in canadian inuit children : a case-control examine risk factors for lower respiratory tract infections (lrti) hospital admission in the canadian arctic.200919461554
costs associated with infant bronchiolitis in the baffin region of nunavut.objective. although infants living in the north of canada have been reported to have one of the highest rates of hospital admission for bronchiolitis in the world, the economic effects of this condition have not been reported. passive immunization against the respiratory syncytial virus, the most common causative agent of infant bronchiolitis, is available.200515776991
bronchiolitis in inuit children from a canadian central arctic community, 1995-1996.during the winter and summer of 1996 two outbreaks of bronchiolitis occurred among inuit children in the canadian arctic community of arviat. the epidemiology and clinical features of these epidemics were studied through a chart review of bronchiolitis cases occurring from september 1, 1995 to august 31, 1996. the attack rate over the year was 57% and the incidence was 1.25 cases per child-year at risk. the median age of cases was 9 months. children developing bronchiolitis were more likely to b ...200111768447
high rates of hospitalisation for bronchiolitis in inuit children on baffin has been suspected that inuit children on baffin island suffer from severe, recurrent episodes of bronchiolitis, but this has never been documented previously. this study is a retrospective chart review of children less than 48 months of age hospitalised at baffin regional hospital, nunavut with a diagnosis of bronchiolitis over a one year period. this study documented that the admission rate for bronchiolitis in the first year of life was 306 per 1000 infants on baffin island, with an intuba ...200111590877
lower respiratory tract infections in inuit infants on baffin has long been suspected that canadian inuit children suffer from frequent severe lower respiratory tract infections (lrtis), but the causes and risk factors have not been documented. this study assessed the infectious causes and other epidemiologic factors that may contribute to the severity of lrti in young inuit children on baffin island.200111450280
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