diseases of wapiti utilizing cattle range in southwestern alberta.specimens from 28 wapiti (cervus elaphus canadensis) were collected by hunters in southwestern alberta in 1984. various tests were performed to detect infections and conditions that could affect cattle sharing the range or cause disease in wapiti. serum antibodies were present against leptospiral serovars autumnalis (25%), bratislava (4%), and icterohaemorrhagiae (8%), and the viruses of bovine virus diarrhea (52%), infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (45%), and parainfluenza type 3 (13%). no sero ...19873029443
comparison of a multivalent viral vaccine program versus a univalent viral vaccine program on animal health, feedlot performance, and carcass characteristics of feedlot calves.a field study was conducted under commercial feedlot conditions at 2 sites in western canada to determine the relative effects of a univalent viral vaccine (mlv 1) program versus a multivalent viral vaccine (mlv 4) program on animal health; feedlot performance; and carcass characteristic variables of fall-placed, auction market derived, feedlot calves. five thousand one hundred and sixty-three calves were processed and randomly allocated to 1 of 2 experimental groups as follows: mlv 1, which rec ...200312619555
pathogens of bovine respiratory disease in north american feedlots conferring multidrug resistance via integrative conjugative this study, we determined the prevalence of bovine respiratory disease (brd)-associated viral and bacterial pathogens in cattle and characterized the genetic profiles, antimicrobial susceptibilities, and nature of antimicrobial resistance determinants in collected bacteria. nasopharyngeal swab and lung tissue samples from 68 brd mortalities in alberta, canada (n = 42), texas (n = 6), and nebraska (n = 20) were screened using pcr for bovine viral diarrhea virus (bvdv), bovine respiratory syncy ...201424478472
influenza-like illness-related emergency department visits: christmas and new year holiday peaks and relationships with laboratory-confirmed respiratory virus detections, edmonton, alberta, 2004-2014.emergency department (ed) visit volumes can be especially high during the christmas-new year holidays, a period occurring during the influenza season in canada.201727442911
viral infection in adults hospitalized with community-acquired pneumonia: prevalence, pathogens, and presentation.the potential role of respiratory viruses in the natural history of community-acquired pneumonia (cap) in adults has not been well described since the advent of nucleic amplification tests (nats).200818689592
beyond randomized controlled trials: a "real life" experience of respiratory syncytial virus infection prevention in infancy with and without palivizumab.a population-based study of the impact of palivizumab on confirmed respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) hospitalizations over a 7-year period within and between two similar health regions . clinicians in calgary implemented palivizumab prophylaxis for high-risk infants during the last four rsv seasons; clinicians in edmonton did not. the two cities are part of a unified health care system and similar sociodemographics. infants <36 weeks (wk) of gestational age (ga) were identified. rsv prophylaxis ...200617058279
seasonality and clinical features of human metapneumovirus infection in children in northern alberta.human metapneumovirus (hmpv) causes respiratory tract infections in all age groups. the characteristics of pediatric hmpv infection in northern alberta have not been studied. the objectives of this study were to determine the seasonality of pediatric hmpv infections over a 13-month period, the genetic relationship of hmpv isolates to hmpv detected in other parts of canada, and the burden of illness and possible risk factors for pediatric hmpv hospitalization. detection of hmpv by polymerase chai ...200515778961
use of an in-house-built ribavirin aerosol evacuation system to control incidental employee exposure to ribavirin aerosol.ongoing controversy regarding the hazards of exposure of healthcare workers to ribavirin aerosol led to the design and evaluation of a ribavirin aerosol evacuation system that scavenges the excess ribavirin. an oxyhood was placed within a croupette oxygen and cool mist tent. the tent was placed under negative pressure, using the hospital wall suction. air samples were taken to determine ambient air concentrations and patient exposure concentrations and were compared to airborne ribavirin concent ...199610154627
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