[adenovirus in children under five years of age. circulation patterns and clinical and epidemiological characteristics in colombia, 1997-2003].the colombian national institute of health has been studying the epidemiology of several respiratory viruses since 1997 to identify their circulation patterns and the role they play as pathogenic agents of acute and/or moderate respiratory infection (ri) in children aged less than 5.200718026606
[respiratory virus in children aged less than 10 years old suffering from respiratory infection in the hospital militar central in bogota from 2000-2001].a study was carried out on children seeking medical care at the hospital militar (hosmil) in bogota due to acute respiratory infection; it was aimed at estimating the frequency of respiratory virus-associated acute respiratory disease (ard) in children aged under 10.200718209824
[mortality associated with peak seasons of influenza virus circulation in bogotá, colombia, 1997-2005].to estimate potential excess mortality attributable to influenza viruses a and b and human respiratory syncytial virus (hrsv) during peak seasons of influenza virus circulation in colombia from 1997 to 2005.200920107695
epidemic activity of respiratory syncytial virus is related to temperature and rainfall in equatorial tropical countries.although viral acute lower respiratory infections (alris) are a major public health problem in tropical low- and middle-income countries (lmics), and there is growing evidence showing their relationship with meteorological parameters, studies performed in these countries are scarce. in an analytical cross-sectional study, we determined which of the main meteorological parameters (temperature, absolute humidity, rainfall, wind speed, and solar radiation) predicted respiratory syncytial virus (rsv ...201626888544
relationship between meteorological conditions and respiratory syncytial virus in a tropical country.this study aimed to determine which meteorological conditions are associated with respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) isolates in a population of children hospitalized with acute lower respiratory infection (alri) in bogota, colombia. in an analytical cross-sectional study, links were examined between the number of monthly rsv infections and monthly average climatic variation (temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed, solar radiation) between 1 january 2010 and 30 april 2011 in a popul ...201525591796
respiratory syncytial virus, adenoviruses, and mixed acute lower respiratory infections in children in a developing country.there is growing evidence suggesting greater severity and worse outcomes in children with mixed as compared to single respiratory virus infections. however, studies that assess the risk factors that may predispose a child to a mixture of respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) and adenoviral infections, are scarce. in a retrospective cohort study, the study investigated the epidemiology of rsv and adenovirus infections and predictors of mixed rsv-adenoviral infections in young children hospitalized wi ...201525648409
[chronology of a pandemic: the new influenza a (h1n1) in bogota, 2009-2010].describing the behaviour of the a h1n1/09 virus related to time, age and gender in patients having suspected infection, medical health care and laboratory diagnosis.201122031000
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