epidemiology of viral infections and evaluation of the potential benefit of om-85 bv on the virologic status of children attending day-care centers.viral investigations were performed during 4 winter seasons (88/89, 89/90, 92/93, 93/94) in children attending day-care centers (dccs) in the rhône département in eastern france. over the total observation period of 4 winter seasons, 780 children were screened with a nasal swab for the presence of viruses. of those, 230 (29.5%) had a positive viral culture. the viruses identified were respiratory syncytial virus (rsv), influenza a and b virus, parainfluenza virus, coronavirus, rhinovirus, adenov ...19947800968
surveillance of community-acquired viral infections due to respiratory viruses in rhone-alpes (france) during winter 1994 to 1995.nasal swab from patients with acute flu-like illness were evaluated for the presence of respiratory viruses in the rhone-alpes region of france from 1 october 1994 through 2 may 1995. the relative frequencies and seasonal distributions of the specific viruses were assessed. in addition, virus type was correlated with specific clinical signs and symptoms. during the study, 962 samples were collected by 75 medical practitioners participating in the groupe regional d'observation de la grippe survei ...19968940439
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