local variability in respiratory syncytial virus disease severity.respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) lower respiratory tract infections are considered to be a serious disease in centres such as the sophia children's hospital (rotterdam, the netherlands), but as more benign infections in others such as the geneva children's hospital (switzerland). to assess the clinical severity of rsv infections at the two sites, 151 infants primarily admitted with a virologically confirmed rsv infection were studied prospectively (1994-5) and retrospectively (1993-4) (55 infan ...19979487963
[low incidence of nosocomial respiratory syncytial virus infections among children younger than 12 months in the department of pediatrics, sophia children's hospital at rotterdam].to investigate the occurrence of nosocomial respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) infections and to compare their clinical features with those of community-acquired rsv infections.200010665300
prediction of duration of hospitalization in respiratory syncytial virus infection.identification of variables that predict duration of rsv-associated hospitalization may be useful in the identification of preventive and therapeutic strategies. a recently published prediction model (michigan model) for the duration of hospitalization in rsv infection demonstrated good discrimination between children with and without an increased likelihood of a hospital stay >or= 7 days, based on variables such as log weight, congenital heart disease, failure to thrive, premature birth, bronch ...200212001279
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