the etiology of pneumonia in malnourished and well-nourished gambian children.during a 2-year period 159 malnourished children ages 3 months to 5 years with radiologic evidence of pneumonia were investigated to determine the cause of their pneumonia. in addition 119 malnourished children without pneumonia, 119 well-nourished children with pneumonia and 52 well-nourished children without pneumonia were studied as controls. percutaneous lung aspiration was performed on 35 malnourished and 59 well-nourished children with pneumonia. bacteria were isolated from the blood, lung ...19947845751
first principles modeling of nonlinear incidence rates in seasonal this paper we used a general stochastic processes framework to derive from first principles the incidence rate function that characterizes epidemic models. we investigate a particular case, the liu-hethcote-van den driessche's (lhd) incidence rate function, which results from modeling the number of successful transmission encounters as a pure birth process. this derivation also takes into account heterogeneity in the population with regard to the per individual transmission probability. we ad ...201121379320
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