sero-epidemiological studies of respiratory syncytial and adenoviruses in children in ibadan, nigeria, 1985-1988.retrospective and prospective serological surveys to determine the prevalence of respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) and adenovirus (adv) infections in children with respiratory diseases were carried out from 1985 to 1988 at the university college hospital, ibadan, nigeria. 306 sera from subjects between 3 months and 12 years old were assayed by complement fixation test for antibodies to both viruses. second samples were available from 42 of the subjects for antibody conversion testing. the rate v ...19921412660
respiratory syncytial virus--associated lower respiratory diseases in hospitalised pre-school children in analysis of the features of lower respiratory diseases (lrd) associated with respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) in 21 children aged 1-23 months, indicated that the clinical features did not differ appreciably from those described for lrd due to other infective agents. it was however, remarkable that none of the children was grossly malnourished, neither was there any death. the final respiratory diagnoses were bronchiolitis alone (6 cases), bronchopneumonia (6 cases), empyema/pleural effusion ...19957495200
microbial inciters of acute asthma in urban nigerian tropical africa the role of microbial agents of acute respiratory infections in acute exacerbations of bronchial asthma remains largely unexplored. however, empirical antibacterial therapy is frequently initiated in moderate to severe cases of acute asthma with symptoms of acute respiratory infection. a study was set up to determine how often acute respiratory infection is associated with acute asthma, to identify the associated pathogens, and to proffer appropriate therapeutic suggestions.19957570407
acute bronchiolitis in tropical africa: a hospital-based perspective in ibadan, a 30-month prospective study of severe acute lower respiratory infections in hospitalized pre-school nigerian children, acute bronchiolitis was diagnosed in 67 cases; 19 (28.4%) and 2 (3.0%) of these had concomitant pneumonia or croup, respectively. the peak prevalence was in the wet (rainy) season (may-october). the male/female (m:f) ratio in infants < or = 6 months was 2.9:1, differing significantly from the 1.1:1 in older subjects (p = 0.04). none of the subjects had severe malnutrition. n ...19968905884
acute laryngotracheobronchitis in nigerian a prospective study of cases of severe acute respiratory infections seen at the university college hospital, ibadan over a 30-month period, 39 cases were found to have acute upper airway obstruction; out of this number, acute laryngotracheobronchitis (croup) accounted for 35 (90%). the ages of the 35 ranged from 2 to 53 months with 86% being less than 3 years old, while there was a male preponderance (m:f ratio, 1.7:1). croup was associated with bronchopneumonia in 29%, measles in 2.9%, and w ...199910876722
viral pathogens of acute lower respiratory infections in pre-school nigerian children and clinical implications of multiple microbial a prospective study of acute lower respiratory infections (alri), at the university college hospital, uch, ibadan, 35 viral pathogens were identified by immunofluorescence (if) techniques from 24 (68.6%) respiratory specimens from 35 hospitalised pre-school children. the respiratory diagnoses comprised croup, bronchiolitis, pneumonia and pleural effusion. the viral identifications comprised 14 (40.0%) of parainfluenza virus type 3, 10 (28.6%) of respiratory syncytial virus (rsv), 5 (14.3%) of ...19938512876
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