a survey of virus infections in new zealand, 1982-6.between 1982 and 1986 virus infections were identified in 16,372 cases. these identifications were based on virus isolation and/or serological evidence of infection by the main virus diagnostic laboratories at auckland, waikato, christchurch and dunedin hospitals, and at the national health institute. the most frequent virus identifications reported were herpes simplex (46.7%), rotavirus (11.8%), respiratory syncytial virus (5.7%), and adenovirus (5.6%). during this period of surveillance, the m ...19883173872
including viral infection data supports an association between particulate pollution and respiratory refine and revise previous air pollution, climate and health time series analysis in christchurch, new zealand, introducing viral identification data (positive identification count and outbreak, defined as two of more positive tests).201121463414
cot deaths in canterbury (nz): lack of association with respiratory virus patterns.this study was done to see whether any association between sids and respiratory viruses might be more obvious in canterbury where the cot death rate is so high (about seven per thousand live births). the numbers of common respiratory virus identifications for the eight year period july 1981 to june 1989 were analysed for associations with cot death. the identifications were from inpatients at the christchurch public hospital and other community sources in canterbury. weak associations were found ...19902291729
association of respiratory virus activity and environmental factors with the incidence of invasive pneumococcal correlate the incidence rate of invasive pneumococcal disease (ipd) with fluctuations in respiratory virus activity and environmental factors in christchurch, new zealand.200919042025
variations in bronchiolitis management between five new zealand hospitals: can we do better?to determine the current management of bronchiolitis by five major new zealand hospitals and to identify areas for improvement.200312542811
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