bacterial and viral etiology of severe infection in children less than three months old in the highlands of papua new guinea.determine the bacterial and viral etiology of severe infection in young papua new guinean infants as part of a multicenter study in four developing countries aimed at improving case management guidelines.199910530573
pneumonia associated with infection with pneumocystis, respiratory syncytial virus, chlamydia, mycoplasma, and cytomegalovirus in children in papua new guinea.paired serum samples were collected from 94 children with pneumonia admitted to goroka hospital, papua new guinea. all but three of the children were aged 1-24 months. only nine children were malnourished, with weight for age less than 70% of the harvard median (three had weight for age less than 60% of the harvard median). pneumocystis carinii antigen was detected in the serum of 23 children. twenty two children had serological evidence of recent infection with respiratory syncytial virus. five ...19863002538
viruses associated with acute lower respiratory tract infections in children from the eastern highlands of papua new guinea (1983-1985).this study, conducted at goroka hospital from january 1983 to june 1985, examined the viruses identified in nasopharyngeal aspirates (npa) and urines collected from 716 hospitalised children with moderate or severe pneumonia, in npa from 170 children with mild pneumonia treated as outpatients and in npa from a control group of 428 children attending the outpatient department of goroka hospital suffering from minor ailments other than upper or lower respiratory tract infections. one or more virus ...19901963705
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