severe bronchiolitis in children.acute viral bronchiolitis is one of the most common causes of paediatric respiratory disease, especially in the first year of life. young infants and those with pre-existent cardiorespiratory problems are at an increased risk of acute respiratory failure necessitating mechanical ventilation. a prospective study was carried out from november 1988 to october 1989, to analyse the clinical features, aetiology and outcome of patients with severe bronchiolitis. 52 (29.9%) out of 174 cases of acute bro ...19911812334
epidemiology of viral infections in singapore is a densely populated island, and also a major air and sea port, the importation and dissemination of viral infections is facilitated. respiratory viral infections have the highest prevalence rates, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) being the most important ones. seasonal variation occurs with influenza, rsv and parainfluenza virus type 1 infections. the age distribution and clinical picture associated with infections due to the various respiratory viruses are similar ...19872825585
acute non-bacterial infections of the respiratory tract in singapore children: an analysis of three years' laboratory findings.a retrospective study of the laboratory results on respiratory specimens received from children under 12 years of age between january 1977 and december 1979 was carried out. these children were either hospital patients, usually with lower respiratory infections, or outpatients on the influenza surveillance programme. the overall virus isolation rate was 26.8%, and the isolation rate among hospital patients, 38.5%. epidemics or outbreaks were associated with infections due to the influenza viruse ...19816269479
respiratory syncytial virus infections in children. 19827183846
seasonal trends of viral respiratory tract infections in the evaluate the seasonal trends of viral respiratory tract infections in a tropical environment, a retrospective survey of laboratory virus isolation, serology and immunofluorescence microscopy in two large general hospitals in singapore between september 1990 and september 1994 was carried out. respiratory tract viral outbreaks, particularly among infants who required hospitalization, were found to be associated mainly with respiratory syncytial (rsv) infections (72%), influenza (11%) and parai ...19989747763
modeling epidemics caused by respiratory syncytial virus (rsv).respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) is the most common cause of acute lower respiratory tract infection in children. in this paper we use models of rsv transmission to interpret the pattern of seasonal epidemics of rsv disease observed in different countries, and to estimate epidemic and eradication thresholds for rsv infection. we compare the standard sirs model with a more realistic model of rsv transmission in which individuals acquire immunity gradually after repeated exposure to infection. th ...200111520501
correlations between clinical illness, respiratory virus infections and climate factors in a tropical paediatric population.summaryweekly (august 2003–december 2008) numbers of five common paediatric diseases and the incidence of respiratory viruses were obtained from a children's hospital in singapore and correlated with climate data using multivariate time-series techniques. upper respiratory tract infections were positively correlated with the incidences of influenza a, b, respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) and parainfluenza viruses (types 1–3 combined). lower respiratory tract infections were positively correl ...201121226981
patterns of viral respiratory tract infections in singapore.a second retrospective study on viral respiratory tract infections, based on 12 years' laboratory reports for the influenza viruses, and 9 years' reports for the other respiratory viruses was made. seasonal variation in incidence was found to occur with infections due to the influenza viruses, respiratory syncytial virus, and parainfluenzavirus type 1. observations made previously on the age distribution of specific respiratory viral infections, and the association of the viruses with various re ...19863010799
the incidence of human bocavirus infection among children admitted to hospital in singapore.human bocavirus (hbov) is a parvovirus, belonging to the genus bocavirus. the virus was identified recently in sweden, and has now been detected in several different countries. although it is associated with lower respiratory tract infections in pediatric patients, the incidence of hbov infection in a developed country in south east asia, has not been examined. the objective of this study was to determine the importance of hbov as a cause of lower respiratory tract infections among children admi ...200919031441
identification of human metapneumovirus and chlamydophila pneumoniae in children with asthma and wheeze in singapore.the aim of our study was to determine if human metapneumovirus (hmpv) and chlamydophila pneumoniae (cp) could be detected in singaporean asthmatic children and wheezing infants during an acute asthma attack.200717384874
hand, foot and mouth disease in singapore: a comparison of fatal and non-fatal epidemic of hand, foot and mouth disease (hfmd) occurred in singapore between september and november 2000. during the epidemic, there were four hfmd-related deaths and after the epidemic, another three hfmd-related deaths. this study sought to determine the risk factors predictive of death from hfmd disease.200314632332
sequence and phylogenetic analysis of sh, g, and f genes and proteins of human respiratory syncytial virus isolates from study the genetic variability and molecular epidemiology of human respiratory syncytial virus (hrsv) occurring in singapore, nucleotide sequencing of three membrane-associated genes (sh, g and f) of four local isolates was performed. comparison of their nucleotide and amino acid sequences with those of the prototype strains a2 (subgroup a) and ch-18537 (subgroup b) indicated that the singapore isolates belong to the subgroup a. comparison of the singapore isolates with the reference strain a2 ...200314524476
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