evaluation of anyplex™ ii rv16 and rb5 real-time rt-pcr compared to seeplex(®) rv15 onestep ace and pneumobacter ace for the simultaneous detection of upper respiratory pathogens.this prospective study was performed to evaluate and compare the performance of the multiplex pcr seeplex(®) assays and anyplex™ ii assays. from may 2014 until april 2016, a total of 247 respiratory samples were collected in okinawa, japan. multiple respiratory pathogens were detected in 37% of patients with positive results. the most prevalent pathogens were influenza a virus and respiratory syncytial virus b. despite minor differences in capabilities, both the seeplex(®) assays and anyplex™ ii ...201728830668
occurrence of human respiratory syncytial virus in summer in temperate zones, human respiratory syncytial virus (hrsv) outbreaks typically occur in cold weather, i.e. in late autumn and winter. however, recent outbreaks in japan have tended to start during summer and autumn. this study examined associations of meteorological conditions with the numbers of hrsv cases reported in summer in japan. using data from the hrsv national surveillance system and national meteorological data for summer during the period 2007-2014, we utilized negative binomial log ...201727682641
genotypic and phylogenetic analysis of the g gene of respiratory syncytial virus isolates in okinawa, japan, 2008. 200919628918
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