seasonal distribution and phylogenetic analysis of human metapneumovirus among children in osaka city, japan.human metapneumovirus (hmpv) is one of the etiological agents of respiratory tract infection (rti). because clinical symptoms of hmpv resemble those caused by respiratory syncytial virus (rsv), clinical diagnosis of hmpv infection is difficult. moreover, hmpv isolation using cultured cells is generally difficult and not efficient compared with reverse transcription-pcr (rt-pcr).200616460998
co-infection of human metapneumovirus with adenovirus or respiratory syncytial virus among children in japan.human metapneumovirus (hmpv) is one of the etiological agents of acute respiratory tract infections. from june 2005 to may 2006, we collected 185 clinical specimens from children in osaka city, japan, and detected 41 hmpv rna. of the 41 specimens, four (9.8%) also contained other viruses (3 with adenovirus [adv] and 1 with respiratory syncytial virus [rsv]). the clinical symptoms of patients coinfected with adv were indistinct from those of patients mono-infected with hmpv. the symptoms of the o ...200717641470
associations between co-detected respiratory viruses in children with acute respiratory infections.viruses are the major etiological agents of acute respiratory infections (aris) in young children. although respiratory virus co-detections are common, analysis of combinations of co-detected viruses has never been conducted in japan. nineteen respiratory viruses or subtypes were surveyed using multiplex real-time pcr on 1,044 pediatric (patient age < 6 years) ari specimens collected in osaka city, japan between january 2010 and december 2011. in total, 891 specimens (85.3%) were virus positive ...201425410563
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