[a survey on antibodies to respiratory syncytial virus in the sera of children in beijing]. 19836226398
[study on typing of respiratory syncytial viruses].to determine the epidemiologic patterns of subgroups a and b and genotypes of respiratory syncytial viruses (rsv) during two uncontinuously epidemic years from 1990 to 1991 and 1997 to 1998 in beijing.200011498697
[sars-associated coronavirus gene fragments were detected from a suspected pediatric sars patient].a special "fever and cough" clinic was set up at the children's hospital affiliated to capital institute of pediatrics for children with symptoms of fever and cough in late april when the severe acute respiratory syndrome (sars) epidemic was at its peak in beijing to separate the children with fever from others during their visit to the outpatient department.200314733796
[surveillance for respiratory syncytial virus subtypes a and b in children with acute respiratory infections in beijing during 2000 to 2006 seasons].to characterize the prevalence and occurrence of subgroups of human respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) in infants and young children with acute respiratory infections (ari) in beijing area.200617254462
[analysis of human metapneumovirus genotype in hunan, china and its attachment protein g sequence character].to understand the genotypes of human metapneumovirus (hmpv) and the genetic character of hmpv attachment protein g sequence in hunan, china.200818574527
prevalence of human respiratory viruses in adults with acute respiratory tract infections in beijing, determine the aetiological role and epidemiological profile of common respiratory viruses in adults with acute respiratory tract infections (artis), a 2-year study was conducted in beijing, china, from may 2005 to july 2007. nose and throat swab samples from 5808 arti patients were analysed by pcr methods for common respiratory viruses, including influenza viruses (ifvs) a, b, and c, parainfluenza viruses (pivs) 1-4, enteroviruses (evs), human rhinoviruses (hrvs), respiratory syncytial virus ...200919456830
large-scale seroprevalence analysis of human metapneumovirus and human respiratory syncytial virus infections in beijing, china.human metapneumovirus (hmpv), a recently identified virus, causes acute respiratory tract infections (artis) in infants and children. however, studies on the seroepidemeology of hmpv are very limited in china. to assess the seroprevalence of hmpv infection in china, we tested a total of 1,156 serum specimens for the presence of anti-hmpv igg antibody in children and adults free of acute respiratory illness in beijing, china by using hmpv nucleocapsid (n) protein as an antigen. as a control, we u ...201121310026
characterization of human metapneumovirus from pediatric patients with acute respiratory infections in a 4-year period in beijing, china.human metapneumovirus (hmpv) was discovered by scientists in the netherlands as a novel respiratory virus in 2001 and had been found in children with acute respiratory tract infections (arti) in china. the objective of this study was to determine the importance of hmpv infection in children in beijing and the genotypes of the circulating virus by the surveillance during a four-consecutive-year period.201121740766
etiology and clinical characterization of respiratory virus infections in adult patients attending an emergency department in beijing.acute respiratory tract infections (artis) represent a serious global health burden. to date, few reports have addressed the prevalence of respiratory viruses (rvs) in adults with artis attending an emergency department (ed). therefore, the potential impact of respiratory virus infections on such patients remains unknown.201222389685
human polyomavirus type six in respiratory samples from hospitalized children with respiratory tract infections in beijing, china.hpyv6 is a novel human polyomavirus (hpyv), and neither its natural history nor its prevalence in human disease is well known. therefore, the epidemiology and phylogenetic status of hpyv6 must be systematically characterized.201526463646
wu and ki polyomavirus present in the respiratory tract of children, but not in immunocompetent adults.recently, two new polyomaviruses (pyv), termed wupyv and kipyv, were identified in respiratory tract specimens from children with acute respiratory tract infections (artis). however, their roles in the disease have not been determined.200818790667
[prokaryotic expression and antigenic activity analysis on the matrix protein genes of two strains of human metapneumovirus recently identified in beijing].human metapneumovirus (hmpv) is a recently identified respiratory virus more like human respiratory syncytial virus in clinical symptoms. matrix protein (m) is one of the most important structural proteins. for further studying of hmpv, the full length of m genes from the recombinant plasmid pucm-m1816 and pucmm1817 were cloned by pcr and sub-cloned into the pet30a(+) vector, which is a prokaryotic expression vector, after dual-enzyme digestion with bam hi and xho i. the positive recombinated pl ...200717886723
genetic variability of group a and b human respiratory syncytial viruses isolated from 3 provinces in china.the genetic variability of hrsv in china was studied using nucleotide sequencing of the hypervariable c-terminal region of the g protein gene and phylogenetic analysis on 80 isolates obtained from three children's hospitals over a period of three epidemic seasons, 1990/1991, 2000/2001, and 2003/2004. the results showed that 76/80 of these isolates belonged to group a and 4/80 belonged to group b. phylogenetic analysis revealed that most of the group a isolates were genotype ga2 (74/76 isolates), ...200717510775
[human coronavirus-nl63 was detected in specimens from children with acute respiratory infection in beijing, china].a new human coronavirus, hcov-nl63, was identified recently from two dutch children with acute respiratory infection (ari) by two scientists in the netherlands in 2004. to investigate if this newly discovered virus is associated with acute respiratory infections in pediatric patients in beijing, tests were developed to detect hcov-nl63 gene fragments from throat swab and nasopharyngeal aspirates collected from children in outpatient and inpatient departments with ari in beijing from dec. 2003 to ...200616624059
[viral etiology of acute respiratory tract infection among pediatric inpatients and outpatients from 2010 to 2012 in beijing, china].acute respiratory tract infections (ari) are the leading cause of pediatric morbidity and mortality worldwide, particularly in developing countries. viruses are the main pathogens of ari in children. the purpose of the present study was to determine the epidemiologic features of respiratory viruses, including novel viruses, in outpatient and hospitalized children with ari.201323927797
adenovirus infection in children with acute lower respiratory tract infections in beijing, china, 2007 to 2012.human adenoviruses (hadv) play a significant role in pediatric respiratory tract infections. to date, over 60 types of hadv have been identified. here, hadv types are characterized in children in the beijing area with acute lower respiratory tract infections (alrtis) and the clinical features and laboratory findings of hospitalized hadv-infected cases are described.201526429778
prevalence and clinical characteristics of human respiratory syncytial virus in chinese adults with acute respiratory tract infection.respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) is a leading cause of respiratory tract illnesses worldwide. although the prevalence and clinical manifestations of the two subtypes, rsv-a and rsv-b, have been studied in some detail in infants and young children, they have not been determined in adults. to evaluate the prevalence of the rsv subtypes and disease severity between rsv-a and rsv-b infections in adults, nasal and throat swabs that were collected from patients ≥15 years old who sought medical care f ...201323192884
rapid replacement of prevailing genotype of human respiratory syncytial virus by genotype on1 in beijing, 2012-2014.human respiratory syncytial virus (hrsv) is the most common viral pathogen causing lower respiratory infections in infants and young children worldwide. hrsv on1 genotype in subgroup a with a characteristic of a 72 nucleotide duplication in the second highly variable region of attachment glycoprotein gene, has been reported in some countries since it was first detected in clinical samples collected in canada in 2010. in this study, 557 hrsv antigen-positive nasopharyngeal aspirates were randomly ...201525929164
human metapneumovirus associated with community-acquired pneumonia in children in beijing, pneumonia is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in children worldwide. however, few studies have been conducted on the infection of human metapneumovirus (hmpv) associated with pediatric community-acquired pneumonia in china. nasopharyngeal aspirates were collected between july 2008 and june 2010 from 1,028 children, aged ≤16.5 years, who were diagnosed with community-acquired pneumonia in beijing, china. reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction was used to screen ...201323097275
virus profile in children with acute respiratory infections with various severities in beijing, china.acute respiratory infection (ari) is one of the most common infectious diseases in infants and young children globally. this study aimed to determine the virus profile in children with ari presenting with different severities.201425382323
[detection and clinical analysis of acute lower respiratory tract infection with human coronaviruses in children in beijing area 2007-2015].to investigate human coronaviruses (hcovs) infection in children with acute lower respiratory tract infection(alrti)and to explore the clinical features of alrti caused by hcovs in children.201526757973
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