human bocavirus infection in young children with acute respiratory tract infection in lanzhou, china.human bocavirus (hbov) is a recognized human parvovirus associated with acute respiratory tract infection. however, hbov has yet to be established as a causative agent of respiratory disease. in this study, the epidemiological and virological characteristics of hbov infection were studied in children with acute respiratory tract infection in china. in total, 406 children younger than 14 years of age with acute respiratory tract infection were included in this prospective 1-year study. hbov was d ...201020029808
viral etiology of acute respiratory infection in gansu province, china, 2011.acute respiratory infections (aris) are the leading cause of children and their leading killer. aris are responsible for at least six percent of the world's disability and death. viruses are one of the most common agents causing aris. few studies on the viral etiology and clinical characteristics of aris have been performed in the northwest region of china, including gansu province.201323691184
vaccine preventable community-acquired pneumonia in hospitalized children in northwest pneumonia (cap) is a major cause of morbidity in industrialized countries and morbidity/mortality in developing countries. in china, comprehensive studies of the etiology of cap in children aged between 2 months and 14 years who are serious enough to require hospitalization are lacking. previous studies have been limited in child age range, focused on fatal cases, and/or limited in etiologies sought. an understanding of the etiologies is needed for development of best preventi ...201120625346
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