viral agents of acute respiratory infections in young children in kuala lumpur.the results of this study indicate that the important viral agents associated with lower respiratory tract infections in young children are respiratory syncytial virus, rhinovirus, and parainfluenza virus, particularly in those under 2 years of age. this is in close agreement with studies done in temperate climates. influenza a virus is seasonal and plays an important role in upper respiratory tract infections in older children.19826282479
epidemiology and seasonality of respiratory viral infections in hospitalized children in kuala lumpur, malaysia: a retrospective study of 27 years.viral respiratory tract infections (rti) are relatively understudied in southeast asian tropical countries. in temperate countries, seasonal activity of respiratory viruses has been reported, particularly in association with temperature, while inconsistent correlation of respiratory viral activity with humidity and rain is found in tropical countries. a retrospective study was performed from 1982-2008 to investigate the viral etiology of children (≤ 5 years old) admitted with rti in a tertiary h ...201222429933
displacement of predominant respiratory syncytial virus genotypes in malaysia between 1989 and 2011.from 1989 to 2011 in kuala lumpur, malaysia, multiple genotypes from both respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) subgroups were found co-circulating each year. rsv-a subgroup predominated in 12 out of 17years with the remaining years predominated by rsv-b subgroup. local rsv strains exhibited temporal clustering with rsv strains reported in previous epidemiological studies. every few years, the existing predominant genotype was replaced by a new genotype. the rsv-a genotypes ga2, ga5 and ga7 were rep ...201323305888
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