respiratory syncytial virus infection in young children hospitalized with respiratory illness in riyadh.the occurrence of respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) infection among young children hospitalized with lower respiratory tract illness, at king khalid university hospital in riyadh, was examined during the autumn-winter season between september 1991 and february 1992. sixty-nine cases were diagnosed by immunofluorescent antibody staining of viral antigen in nasopharyngeal aspirates from 127 children, constituting 54 per cent of these patients. virus culture was attempted only in a few cases, yield ...19938133556
viral aetiology and epidemiology of acute respiratory infections in hospitalized saudi children.a total of 1429 saudi children of either sex and under 5 years of age who were admitted to king khalid university hospital, riyadh during a three year period (april 1993-march 1996) with complaints suggestive of acute respiratory tract infections (arti) were investigated for viral aetiology of the infection. viruses could be detected in 522 (37 per cent) cases with respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) the most commonly detected (79 per cent) followed by parainfluenza type 3 (8 per cent). detection ...19989604599
respiratory viruses in children attending a major referral centre in saudi arabia.viral respiratory infections are common causes of illness in infants and children. examination of clinical specimens submitted for diagnosis during a 3-year period (august 1993-july 1996) at king faisal specialist hospital and research center (kfsh & rc) in riyadh revealed a wide spectrum of diseases associated with the isolation of five respiratory viruses. severity of disease ranged from mild upper respiratory illness to threatening lower respiratory illnesses including bronchiolitis and pneum ...19989924568
acute viral respiratory infections among children in mers-endemic riyadh, saudi arabia, 2012-2013.the emergence of the middle east respiratory syndrome (mers) in saudi arabia has intensified focus on acute respiratory infections [aris]. this study sought to identify respiratory viruses (rvs) associated with aris in children presenting at a tertiary hospital. children (aged ≤13) presenting with ari between january 2012 and december 2013 tested for 15 rvs using the seeplex(r) rv15 kit were retrospectively included. epidemiological data was retrieved from patient records. of the 2235 children t ...201727430485
group b strains of human respiratory syncytial virus in saudi arabia: molecular and phylogenetic analysis.the genetic variability and circulation pattern of human respiratory syncytial virus group b (hrsv-b) strains, identified in riyadh during the winters of 2008 and 2009, were evaluated by partial sequencing of the attachment (g) protein gene. the second hypervariable region (hvr-2) of g gene was amplified by rt-pcr, sequenced and compared to representatives of different hrsv-b genotypes. sequence and phylogenetic analysis revealed that all saudi strains belonged to the genotype ba, which is chara ...201424370974
genetic diversity in the g protein gene of group a human respiratory syncytial viruses circulating in riyadh, saudi arabia.human respiratory syncytial virus (hrsv) is a frequent cause of hospitalization and mortality in children worldwide. the molecular epidemiology and circulation pattern of hrsv in saudi arabia is mostly uncharted. in the current study, the genetic variability and phylogenetic relationships of hrsv type a strains circulating in riyadh province were explored. nasopharyngeal aspirates were collected from hospitalized children with acute respiratory symptoms during the winter-spring seasons of 2007/0 ...201423884633
epidemiology of 11 respiratory rna viruses in a cohort of hospitalized children in riyadh, saudi arabia.respiratory tract infections are a principal cause of illness and mortality in children worldwide and mostly caused by viruses. in this study, the epidemiology of 11 respiratory rna viruses was investigated in a cohort of hospitalized children at a tertiary referral center in riyadh from february 2008 to march 2009 using conventional and real-time monoplex rt-pcr assays. among 174 nasopharyngeal aspirates, respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) was detected in 39 samples (22.41%), influenza a virus i ...201626595650
co-circulation of 72bp duplication group a and 60bp duplication group b respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) strains in riyadh, saudi arabia during 2014.respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) is an important viral pathogen of acute respiratory tract infection (ari). limited data are available on molecular epidemiology of rsv from saudi arabia. a total of 130 nasopharyngeal aspirates were collected from children less than 5 years of age with ari symptoms attending the emergency department at king khalid university hospital and king fahad medical city, riyadh, saudi arabia between october and december, 2014. rsv was identified in the 26% of the hospita ...201627835664
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