[isolation of campylobacter coli/jejuni from samples of human feces in the province of pisa]. 19827171243
prevalence, phenotypic and genetic diversity of campylobacter in poultry fresh meat and poultry products on retail sale in tuscany (italy).in this study, the prevalence of campylobacter spp. in poultry fresh meat and ready‑to‑cook products was evaluated. seventy‑three samples were collected at retail level from supermarkets and discount stores, obtaining 61.6% positivity. of 133 campylobacter isolates, 86 strains (campylobacter coli, 58.1% and campylobacter jejuni, 41.9%) were selected for characterisation on the basis of their smai and kpni pulsed field gel‑electrophoresis (pfge) profiles, to exclude clonal replicates. campylobact ...201728365923
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