characterization and antibiotic sensitivity of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli isolated from children at the lagos university teaching hospital (luth), lagos, hundred and thirteen rectal swabs and 87 faecal samples obtained from the paediatric casualty of the lagos university teaching hospital, lagos, nigeria were processed for campylobacter jejuni/coli. twenty-two (11%) of the specimens were positive for c. jejuni. biotyping results showed that nine (41%) and eight (36%) belonged to c. jejuni biotypes i and ii respectively, while three (14%) and two (9%) belonged to c. coli biotypes i and ii. serotyping results revealed that c. jejuni biotypes i ...19892651685
the changing patterns of campylobacter jejuni/coli in lagos, nigeria after ten hundred and forty-five stool samples from children with diarrhoea at various health centres in lagos were investigated for campylobacter jejuni/coli. these organisms were isolated from 24 samples (16.5%). they were later biotyped as 23 c. jejuni and one c. coli. previous studies (3,6) recorded isolation rates of 5.2% and 11% respectively. no campylobacter species was isolated from 100 control patients who did not have diarrhoea. diarrhoea due to campylobacter jejuni/coli is still common in m ...19947828496
biotyping of campylobacter strains isolated in lagos, nigeria using the modified preston biotype.fifty-eight compylobacter strains were isolated from children with diarrhoea at various health centres in lagos and from healthy chicken. twenty-nine strains of campylobacter were isolated from humans, while the same number were isolated from chicken. the strains were biotyped using the modified preston biotype scheme. the preston biotyping results have been compared with the results of penner serotyping. out of fifty-eight strains studied, the technique identified ten strains (17%) as c. coli, ...19979167277
occurrence of campylobacter species in poultry forms in lagos area of nigeria.samples of poultry droppings were collected from fifty poultry farms in lagos area of nigeria. campylobacter species were isolated from serially diluted samples using bolton selective enrichment medium under microaerophilic condition at 42 degrees c. samples of water, both treated and untreated used in the farms were also analysed in the same manner. fifteen campylobacter strains were isolated from the droppings. all the strains were identified using biochemical characteristics differentiating c ...200516334275
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