erythromycin-resistant campylobacter infections in thailand.erythromycin therapy was compared with no treatment in a prospective trial of acute diarrheal disease among 100 infants in an orphanage in bangkok. within 24 h of the onset of diarrhea, 50 children received erythromycin ethylsuccinate (40 mg/kg per day) in four divided doses for 5 days. campylobacter jejuni isolated from 31, campylobacter coli isolated from 21, and shigella spp. isolated from 21 of 100 children were the most commonly recognized pathogens; use of a sensitive, nonselective method ...19873579261
emerging fluoroquinolone and macrolide resistance of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli isolates and their serotypes in thai children from 1991 to 2000.this study investigated fluoroquinolone, macrolide resistances and serotype distributions among campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli isolated from children in bangkok and rural settings during 1991-2000. phenotypic identification, serotyping, and susceptibility testing were performed by standard microbiological procedures. the predominant serotypes of c. jejuni were lior 36, 2 and 4 and of c. coli were lior 8, 29 and 55. resistance to nalidixic acid increased significantly during 1991-200 ...200717306054
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