flock-prevalence of border disease virus infection in basque dairy-sheep estimated by bulk-tank milk analysis.bulk-tank milk (btm) samples from 154 sheep flocks were used to estimate bdv prevalence in the basque country in spain using an elisa and a rt-pcr test. the proportion of antibody-positive flocks was 68% but varied significantly between provinces and was 93% in araba and 54-55% in bizkaia and gipuzkoa. most elisa-positive flocks had very low antibody inhibition percentage (aip) indicating high seroprevalence and recent bdv exposure. however, only 9% flocks were pcr-positive suggesting few infect ...200616979308
genetic typing and prevalence of border disease virus (bdv) in small ruminant flocks in spain.between 2001 and 2002, samples from 1,413 animals in 21 spanish small ruminant flocks, most of them with animals showing clinical signs compatible with border disease (bd), were screened for the presence of pestivirus antigen and antibodies by an indirect peroxidase monolayer assay (ipma) and the virus neutralization test (vnt), respectively. although all flocks harboured seropositive animals, virus could only be isolated from animals in five of the flocks. between 4 and 11 months later all anim ...200616857326
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