the action in vitro of some aromatic diamidines on a sudan strain of leishmania infantum. 194818915540
a diagnostic assay based on variable intergenic region distinguishes between leishmania donovani and leishmania infantum.we have developed a pcr assay that in a single reaction distinguishes between leishmania infantum and leishmania donovani strains on the basis of different size of the amplicon. the targeted intergenic region between putative biopterin transporter and nucleotide binding protein on chromosome 35 is highly variable, species-specific and can be amplified from clinical samples. based on the assay, five tested leishmania archibaldi and l. infantun strains from the sudan and ethiopia clearly belong to ...200818578169
bioinformatic identification of tandem repeat antigens of the leishmania donovani complex.with large amounts of parasite gene sequence available, additional bioinformatic tools to screen these sequences for identifying genes encoding antigens are needed. proteins containing tandem repeat (tr) domains are often b-cell antigens, and antibody responses toward tr domains of the proteins are dominant in human infected with certain parasites. we hypothesized that antigens of serological significance could be identified with a search for tr domains. here we show the result of bioinformatic ...200717088350
the origin and evolution of the leishmania donovani complex as inferred from a mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase ii gene sequence.members of the leishmania donovani complex are parasites of the reticulo-endothelial system that are often associated with serious epidemics of a life threatening disease known as visceral leishmaniasis or kala-azar. twenty-two leishmania isolates representative of the geographical range of the parasite were analysed for sequence variations in their cytochrome oxidase ii gene. in performing phylogenetic analysis, the maximum parsimonious, neighbour joining and maximum likelihood trees were congr ...200112798051
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