rash after measles vaccination: laboratory analysis of cases reported in são paulo, brazil.the clinical differential diagnosis of rash due to viral infections is often difficult, and misdiagnosis is not rare, especially after the introduction of measles and rubella vaccination. a study to determine the etiological diagnosis of exanthema was carried out in a group of children after measles vaccination.200212045795
the "pressure pan" evolution of human erythrovirus b19 in the amazon, understand the evolutionary dynamics of human parvovirus b19, we analyzed vp1 and vp2 gene sequences of b19 sampled from belém (amazon), the city of são paulo, brazil and globally. our analysis revealed a strikingly different pattern of evolutionary change for those viral lineages introduced into belém, which exhibited a higher rate of nonsynonymous substitutions compared to those viruses sampled from other locations. we propose that difference this is due to the high prevalence of b19 in bel ...200717698162
seroprevalence of human parvovirus b19 in a suburban population in são paulo, analyze the prevalence of igg antibodies to human parvovirus b19.200818425294
phylogenetic analysis of a near-full-length sequence of an erythrovirus genotype 3 strain isolated in brazil.human parvovirus b19 is the only member of the genus erythrovirus that causes human disease. recent findings of several strains with considerable sequence divergence from b19 have suggested a new classification for parvovirus genotypes as 1 (b19), 2 (a-6 and lali) and 3 (v9). in their overall dna sequence, the three genotypes differ by approximately 10%. here, we report the isolation of a genotype-3-related strain named br543 during a prospective study conducted in sao paulo, brazil. analysis of ...200919701602
investigation of measles igm-seropositive cases of febrile rash illnesses in the absence of documented measles virus transmission, state of são paulo, brazil, review measles igm-positive cases of febrile rash illnesses in the state of são paulo, brazil, over the five-year period following interruption of measles virus transmission.201020563487
etiologies of rash and fever illnesses in campinas, brazil.few population-based studies of infectious etiologies of fever-rash illnesses have been conducted. this study reports on enhanced febrile-rash illness surveillance in campinas, brazil, a setting of low measles and rubella virus transmission.201121954258
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