linstowinema, smales, 1997 (nematoda : seuratidae) from dasyurids (marsupialia : dasyuridae) from australia.linstowinema edmondsi (echinonematinae) from dasyurus hallucatus (dasyuridae) is redescribed. it can be differentiated from all species of linstowinema occurring in bandicoots (peramelidae) in having the first row of cephalic hooks as long as or longer than the second row. l. gracile n. sp. is described from phascogale tapoatafa and dasycercus cristicauda, and can be distinguished from all previously described species of linstowinema in not having a cuticular dilation of the oesophageal region o ...199910613528
taxonomic revision of phascogale tapoatafa (meyer, 1793) (dasyuridae; marsupialia), including descriptions of two new subspecies and confirmation of p. pirata thomas, 1904 as a 'top end' endemic.the australian brush-tailed phascogale (phascogale tapoatafa sensu lato) has a broad but highly fragmented distribution around the periphery of the australian continent and all populations are under significant ongoing threat to survival. a new appraisal of morphological and molecular diversity within the group reveals that the population in the 'top end' of the northern territory is specifically distinct from all others, including those in the kimberley region of western australia to the west a ...201526701461
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