mortality in little penguins (eudyptula minor) along the coast of victoria, australia.forty-eight little penguins (eudyptula minor) consisting of 21 (43.7%) mature, 18 (37.5%) juvenile and nine (18.7%) of undetermined age, from 10 victorian coastal localities were examined during 1977-78. thirty-seven (77%) of all penguins were in poor body condition with moderate to heavy burdens of internal and external parasites. acute parasitic gastric ulceration with accompanying hemorrhage, was implicated in the death of four birds. chronic gastric ulcers were thought to have caused appetit ...19807431525
trace metal concentrations in the little penguin (eudyptula minor) from southern victoria, australia. 200717375253
new miocene fossils and the history of penguins in australia.australia has a fossil record of penguins reaching back to the eocene, yet today is inhabited by just one breeding species, the little penguin eudyptula minor. the description of recently collected penguin fossils from the re-dated upper miocene port campbell limestone of portland (victoria), in addition to reanalysis of previously described material, has allowed the cenozoic history of penguins in australia to be placed into a global context for the first time. australian pre-quaternary fossil ...201627115739
seasonal variation and annual trends of metals and metalloids in the blood of the little penguin (eudyptula minor).little penguins (eudyptula minor) are high-trophic coastal feeders and are effective indicators of bioavailable pollutants in their foraging zones. here, we present concentrations of metals and metalloids in blood of 157 little penguins, collected over three years and during three distinct seasons (breeding, moulting and non-breeding) at two locations: the urban st kilda colony and the semi-rural colony at phillip island, victoria, australia. penguin metal concentrations were foremostly influenc ...201627329818
microsatellite differentiation between phillip island and mainland australian populations of the red fox vulpes vulpes.predation by the red fox vulpes vulpes is believed to be threatening the little penguin eudyptula minor on phillip island in victoria. polymorphism at seven microsatellite loci was examined to estimate the extent of differentiation between phillip island and mainland populations of v. vulpes. loss of alleles has occurred on phillip island where foxes first appeared approximately 88 years ago compared with mainland populations. genetic differentiation between the phillip island and mainland popul ...19969147696
viral infections of little blue penguins (eudyptula minor) along the southern coast of australia.serum antibodies to strains of avian paramyxovirus and flavivirus were detected in little blue penguins sampled at port campbell and phillip island, victoria, australia. no antibody to newcastle disease virus (ndv) was detected in 267 sera collected, although one penguin captured for experimental studies had a hemagglutination-inhibition antibody titer of 2(4) to this virus. experimental studies showed that the avian paramyxovirus designated apmv-im and strain v4 of ndv were non-pathogenic for p ...19852993680
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