[detection of border disease virus in a sheep flock in saxony].a pestivirus has been isolated from brain samples of two lambs suffering from clinical signs of border disease. the two identical isolates were allocated to the "true" border disease virus group concerning their reaction pattern with monoclonal antibodies and the 5'utr sequence data. nevertheless, alterations of phenotype and genotype in comparison with references of both bdv-subgroups have been shown. the existence of an infection with border disease virus in the flock has been confirmed by ser ...200010994254
genetic clustering of borna disease virus natural animal isolates, laboratory and vaccine strains strongly reflects their regional geographical origin.the aim of this study was to gain more detailed insights into the genetic evolution and variability of borna disease virus (bdv). phylogenetic analyses were performed on field viruses originating from naturally infected animals, the bdv vaccine strain 'dessau', four widely used laboratory strains and the novel bdv subtype no/98. four regions of the bdv genome were analysed: the complete p40, p10 and p24 genes and the 5'-untranslated region of the x/p transcript. bdv isolates from the same geogra ...200515659758
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