genetic clustering of borna disease virus natural animal isolates, laboratory and vaccine strains strongly reflects their regional geographical origin.the aim of this study was to gain more detailed insights into the genetic evolution and variability of borna disease virus (bdv). phylogenetic analyses were performed on field viruses originating from naturally infected animals, the bdv vaccine strain 'dessau', four widely used laboratory strains and the novel bdv subtype no/98. four regions of the bdv genome were analysed: the complete p40, p10 and p24 genes and the 5'-untranslated region of the x/p transcript. bdv isolates from the same geogra ...200515659758
landscape features and reservoir occurrence affecting the risk for equine infection with borna disease virus.borna disease (bd) is a severe endemic and fatal disorder caused by the neurotropic borna disease virus (bdv) which mainly occurs in horses and sheep. borna disease virus belongs to the order mononegavirales, which includes many reservoir-bound viruses with high zoonotic and pathogenic properties including the filoviruses and lyssaviruses. clinically manifest bd occurs in endemic areas of germany, switzerland, liechtenstein, and austria. a seasonal accumulation of cases in spring and summer, inc ...201324502713
bicolored white-toothed shrews as reservoir for borna disease virus, bavaria, germany. 201324274262
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