separation and recombination of babesia divergens and ehrlichia phagocytophila from a field case of redwater from eire.a blood sample received from a field case of redwater in eire caused simultaneous infections of babesia divergens and ehrlichia phagocytophila when inoculated into a splenectomised calf. each disease agent was isolated in a separate splenectomised calf by suppressive drug treatment of the other agent, and blood stabilates were made. the disease agents were inoculated synchronously or asychronously into groups of calves, whose reactions were observed. infection with b divergens had no effect on t ...19761006962
field use of an irradiated blood vaccine to protect cattle against redwater (babesia divergens infection) on a farm in dorset.a field trial was conducted in dorset to determine whether calves could be protected against babesiosis by the prior inoculation of irradiated blood infected with babesia divergens. the trial involved 99 friesian heifers. forty were inoculated with infected blood from a donor calf after the blood had been irradiated to a dose of 28 kilorads, 31 were immune animals which had grazed on the infected site the previous year and 28 were susceptible animals. after exposure on a hillside where there wa ...19817015679
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