comparison of radiocesium and stable isotope ratios of carbon and nitrogen among three stocks of pacific cod (gadus macrocephalus) around hokkaido, japan.hokkaido, the northernmost of the main islands of japan, is surrounded by the north pacific ocean, the japan sea and the okhotsk sea, and three independent stocks of pacific cod are thought to inhabit those three areas. the fukushima dai-ichi nuclear power plant (fdnpp), which is located in the north of honshu, the main island of japan, was disputed in 2011. most of the radiocesium from the fdnpp was released into the western north pacific ocean, and the biota in those areas were considerably co ...201829475676
molecular characterization of anisakis pegreffii larvae in pacific cod in is now recognized that the morphospecies anisakis simplex is not a single species but a complex composed of three sibling species, a. simplex sensu stricto, a. pegreffii and a. simplex c. in japan, a. simplex-like larvae have been isolated from a variety of fish and humans, but the larvae collected have been identified as a. simplex by only light microscopy. therefore, the epidemiology of the a. simplex complex, composed of three sibling species, is still unclear in japan. in the present stud ...200516336712
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