studies on the occurrence and distribution of hi antibodies against some arboviruses in the serum of domestic mammals in puglia.the virological and serological studies previously carried out on arboviruses in italy are reviewed. the presence of antibodies to 11 arboviruses was investigated in the serum of various domestic animals (100 horses, 107 pigs, 102 sheep, 205 goats, 100 cattle and 200 dogs) from some areas of puglia. the techniques are described. the results, given in tables and discussed in detail, support the hypothesis that in this region also there are arboviruses circulating, particularly those of group b.1977201546
[seroepidemiological studies on zoonoses in farm workers in apulia]. 19958663974
goat warble fly infestation by przhevalskiana silenus (diptera: oestridae): immunoepidemiologic survey in the basilicata region (southern italy).the demonstration of serological cross-reactivity between the hypoderma lineatum antigen and anti-przhevalskiana silenus antibodies led us to prepare an immunological test (elisa) for an early diagnosis of goat warble fly infestation. using the hypodermosis elisa-kit (vétoquinol diagnostic, france) produced for the immunodiagnosis of bovine hypodermosis, an epidemiological assay was carried out in basilicata region where goat breeding is very common and no data are reported with regards to the d ...200111921540
tick-borne diseases of livestock in italy: general review and results of recent studies carried out in the apulia region.this paper reviews basic information on the knowledge of tick-borne diseases, babesiosis, anaplasmosis and theileriosis, in horses, cattle, sheep and goats in italy with particular reference to the southern part of the country. it is stressed that there is limited knowledge about the parasite species present, their vectors, distribution, prevalence and impact on livestock production and there is the need to assess their epidemiology. a study carried out in the apulia region to assess the prevale ...199911071537
infection by the warble fly przhevalskiana silenus brauer, 1858, in the italian goats. an update up to 1988.this paper is a review of the work done at the university of bari on the goat warble fly przhevalskiana silenus brauer, 1858. it reports data concerning taxonomy, biology, and epidemiology of the goat warble fly, as well as therapy against the infection. grunin in 1962, and later madel in 1969, were the first researchers to reach the conclusion that the three species of przhevalskiana up to then recognized--namely p. silenus, p. aegagri, and p. crossii--should be unified in just one--przhevalski ...19892487003
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