investigation of an outbreak of encephalomyelitis caused by west nile virus in 136 describe an outbreak of encephalomyelitis caused by west nile virus (wnv) in horses in northern indiana.200415239478
west nile virus activity--united states, august 25-31, 2004.during august 25-31, a total of 210 cases of human west nile virus (wnv) illness were reported from 14 states (arizona, california, florida, illinois, indiana, kansas, maryland, minnesota, montana, nevada, new mexico, north dakota, oklahoma, and pennsylvania).200415343148
west nile virus activity--united states, september 15-21, 2004.during september 15-21, a total of 218 cases of human west nile virus (wnv) illness were reported from 21 states (arizona, california, florida, illinois, indiana, kansas, maryland, michigan, minnesota, mississippi, missouri, nebraska, nevada, new mexico, north dakota, oklahoma, south dakota, texas, utah, wisconsin, and wyoming).200415385920
west nile virus activity--united states, october 13-19, 2004.during october 13-19, a total of 200 cases of human west nile virus (wnv) illness were reported from 20 states (arizona, arkansas, california, colorado, illinois, indiana, iowa, kansas, maryland, michigan, mississippi, missouri, nevada, new mexico, north carolina, oklahoma, pennsylvania, south dakota, wisconsin, and wyoming).200415499683
rural cases of equine west nile virus encephalomyelitis and the normalized difference vegetation from an outbreak (august to october, 2002) of west nile virus (wnv) encephalomyelitis in a population of horses located in northern indiana was scanned for clusters in time and space. one significant (p = 0.04) cluster of case premises was detected, occurring between september 4 and 10 in the south-west part of the study area (85.70 degrees n, 45.50 degrees w). it included 10 case premises (3.67 case premises expected) within a radius of 2264 m. image data were acquired by the advanced very ...200516011435
predictable ecology and geography of west nile virus transmission in the central united states.west nile virus (wnv) arrived in north america and spread rapidly through the western hemisphere. we present a series of tests to determine whether ecological factors are consistently associated with wnv transmission to humans. we analyzed human wnv cases in the states of illinois, indiana, and ohio in 2002 and 2003, building ecological niche models to associate wnv case occurrences with ecological and environmental parameters. in essentially all tests, both within states, among states, between ...200819263855
spatio-temporal analysis of the relationship between wnv dissemination and environmental variables in indianapolis, usa.this study developed a multi-temporal analysis on the relationship between west nile virus (wnv) dissemination and environmental variables by using an integrated approach of remote sensing, gis, and statistical techniques. wnv mosquito cases in seven months (april-october) of the six years (2002-2007) were collected in indianapolis, usa. epidemic curves were plotted to identify the temporal outbreaks of wnv. spatial-temporal analysis and k-mean cluster analysis were further applied to determine ...200819094221
threat of foreign arthropod-borne pathogens to livestock in the united states.there are many exotic animal pathogens throughout the world that, if introduced into the united states. could have a significant detrimental impact on the health of livestock, agricultural economy, the environment, and public health. many of these pathogens are arthropod-borne and potential vectors are readily available in the united states. a number of these arthropod-borne pathogens are discussed here as examples that illustrate the potential risk and the consequences of inadvertent introducti ...200212061432
first record of aedes japonicus japonicus in illinois: defining its spatial distribution and associated mosquito species.since the initial discovery of aedes japonicus japonicus in 1998 from sites in the northeastern united states (new york, connecticut, and new jersey), this invasive mosquito species now permeates local faunas throughout eastern north america and continues to expand its distribution westward. in july and august of 2006, the 1st reported specimens of ae. japonicus were detected in east central illinois at 2 woodlots in southern urbana. sampling efforts were concentrated around the site of the orig ...200717939502
epidemic west nile virus encephalomyelitis: a temperature-dependent, spatial model of disease dynamics.since first being detected in new york in 1999, west nile virus (wnv) has spread throughout the united states and more than 20,000 cases of equine wnv encephalomyelitis have been reported. a spatial model of disease occurrence was developed, using data from an outbreak of serologically confirmed disease in an unvaccinated population of horses at 108 locations in northern indiana between 3 august and 17 october 2002. daily maximum temperature data were recorded at meteorological stations surround ...200516112761
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