post-epidemic serological survey for je virus antibodies in south arcot district (tamil nadu).following an extensive epidemic of japanese encephalitis (je) in 1981, a serological survey was carried out in the south arcot district of tamil nadu in april 1982. serum specimens were obtained from 10 villages with serologically proven infections and 6 villages with no reported case of encephalitis during the 1981 epidemic. the serum specimens tested for haemagglutination inhibition, complement fixing and neutralizing antibodies, showed a high prevalence of je (49.17%), west nile (40.78%) and ...19911850713
a community-based study of subclinical flavivirus infections in children in an area of tamil nadu, india, where japanese encephalitis is endemic.a characteristic feature of the epidemiology of japanese encephalitis (je) is the occurrence of a large number of subclinical infections. the reporting of only overt cases underestimates the total level of virus transmission, a knowledge of which is essential for the evolution of control strategies. we carried out a 3-year prospective serological study between 1989 and 1991 in a primary health centre in tamil nadu where je is endemic. each year paired specimens, taken before and after the transm ...19957743596
first outbreak of japanese encephalitis in two villages of dharmapuri district in tamil nadu.three cases of japanese encephalitis (je) were reported for the first time from two villages in krishnagiri health unit district of tamil nadu during november 1999. two children died and one developed neurological sequelae. a serological survey was conducted in these villages to find out the prevalence of je antibodies among children below 15 yr of age in addition to the epidemiological investigations.200011247195
molecular detection and characterization of west nile virus associated with multifocal retinitis in patients from southern india.background: in late 2009/early 2010, approximately 2000 people were affected by a mysterious viral outbreak in a southern district of tamil nadu; this particularly affected those living in coastal areas. blood samples from affected patients were sent for clinical analysis to determine the actual cause of the illness, but reports were inconclusive. methods: the present study describes the clinical observations and laboratory investigations involving molecular methods performed on 170 of the 2000 ...201122099888
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