mtdna from fossils reveals a radiation of hawaiian geese recently derived from the canada goose (brantacanadensis).phylogenetic analysis of 1.35 kb of mtdna sequence from fossils revealed a previously unknown radiation of hawaiian geese, of which only one representative remains alive (the endangered hawaiian goose or nene, branta sandvicensis). this radiation is nested phylogenetically within a living species, the canada goose (branta canadensis) and is related most closely to the large-bodied lineage within that species. the barnacle goose (branta leucopsis) is also nested within the canada goose species an ...200211818543
toxoplasma gondii antibody prevalence and two new genotypes of the parasite in endangered hawaiian geese (nene: branta sandvicensis).toxoplasma gondii is a protozoan parasite transmitted by domestic cats ( felis catus ) that has historically caused mortality in native hawaiian birds. to estimate how widespread exposure to the parasite is in nene (hawaiian geese, branta sandvicensis), we did a serologic survey for t. gondii antibody and genetically characterized parasite dna from the tissues of dead birds that had confirmed infections by immunohistochemistry. of 94 geese sampled, prevalence on the island of kauai, maui, and mo ...201626967138
mortality patterns in endangered hawaiian geese (nene; branta sandvicensis).understanding causes of death can aid management and recovery of endangered bird populations. toward those ends, we systematically examined 300 carcasses of endangered hawaiian geese (nene; branta sandvicensis) from hawaii, maui, molokai, and kauai between 1992 and 2013. the most common cause of death was emaciation, followed by trauma (vehicular strikes and predation), and infectious/inflammatory diseases of which toxoplasmosis (infection with toxoplasma gondii) predominated. toxicoses were les ...201526161721
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