doppler-shift compensation in the taiwanese leaf-nosed bat (hipposideros terasensis) recorded with a telemetry microphone system during flight.biosonar behavior was examined in taiwanese leaf-nosed bats (hipposideros terasensis; cf-fm bats) during flight. echolocation sounds were recorded using a telemetry microphone mounted on the bat's head. flight speed and three-dimensional trajectory of the bat were reconstructed from images taken with a dual high-speed video camera system. bats were observed to change the intensity and emission rate of pulses depending on the distance from the landing site. frequencies of the dominant second harm ...200516419835
hibernation in warm hibernacula by free-ranging formosan leaf-nosed bats, hipposideros terasensis, in subtropical taiwan.the subtropical formosan leaf-nosed bats, hipposideros terasensis (hipposideridae), show little activity during winter. it has never been determined whether in winter they exhibit hibernation and multi-day periods of low body temperature. the objectives of this study were to understand the winter activity pattern of h. terasensis and to examine whether it enters hibernation during winter. we monitored the skin temperature (t (sk)) of nine free-ranging h. terasensis by attaching temperature-sensi ...201120714727
roost selection by formosan leaf-nosed bats (hipposideros armiger terasensis).patterns of roost use by formosan leaf-nosed bats (hipposideros armiger terasensis) were studied from november 1998 to april 2000. structural characteristics, microclimates, and disturbance levels of 17 roosts used by h. a. terasensis and 15 roosts either used by other bat species (2) or not occupied by any bat species were compared. roosts used by these bats were significantly larger in size and had greater areas covered by water compared to unused roosts. entrances of active roosts were more l ...200312951409
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