molecular and cytogenetic evidence of three sibling species of the anopheles barbirostris form a (diptera:culicidae) in thailand.nine isoline colonies of anopheles barbirostris form a, derived from individual isofemale lines from chiang mai, phetchaburi, and kanchanaburi, were established in our insectary at chiang mai university. all isolines shared the same mitotic karyotype (x(1), x(2), y(1)). molecular analysis of deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) sequences and polymerase chain reaction (pcr) products of its2, coi, and coii regions revealed three distinct groups: a1 (chiang mai), a2 (phetchaburi), and a3 (kanchanaburi). cro ...200818038149
cytogenetic and molecular evidence for an additional new species within the taxon anopheles barbirostris (diptera: culicidae) in thailand.its2 dna sequences of 42 isoline colonies of anopheles barbirostris species a1 and a2 were analyzed and a new genetic species, temporarily designated as species a4 (chiang mai), was revealed. the large sequence divergences of the its2 (0.116-0.615), coi (0.023-0.048), and coii (0.030-0.040) genes between a. barbirostris species a4/a1 (chiang mai), a4/a2 (phetchaburi), a4/a3 (kanchanaburi), and a4/anopheles campestris-like form e (chiang mai) provided good supporting evidence. species a1, a2, a3, ...200919043741
cytogenetic and molecular evidence for two species in the anopheles barbirostris complex (diptera: culicidae) in thailand.seventeen isolines of anopheles barbirostris derived from animal-biting female mosquitoes showed three karyotypic forms: form a (x2, y1) in five isolines from phetchaburi province; form b (x1, x3, y2) in three and eight isolines from chiang mai and ubon ratchathani provinces, respectively; form c (x2, y3) in one isoline from phetchaburi province. all 17 isolines exhibited an average branch summation of seta 2-vi pupal skins ranging from 12.1-13.0 branches, which was in the limit of a. barbirostr ...200717659361
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